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Mimi and Joe find SaberLeomon, the Digivolved form of Leomon. SaberLeomon takes Joe and Mimi to a safe place where they meet with Otamamon and Gekomon. Puppetmon tells the other kids to follow him is they want to defeat him. They follow him, but he leads them to a group of Red Vegiemon, but they are no match for the kids and digimon. An angered Puppetmon makes his house come to life in an attempt to crush the kids. Leomon digivolves back into SaberLeomon and fights MetalEtemon. Ikkakumon digivolves into Zudomon to help in the battle. Puppetmon tries to get MetalGarurumon to attack the kids like before, but instead, he destroys Puppetmon. Just before Puppetmon disappears for good, he is told that the kids have friends and he doesn't, so he could have never won the battle. Leomon is defeated and is gone. Joe, Mimi, and Ogremon say that they WILL defeat the Dark Masters…or what's left of them anyway.

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